About Us

Goodwin Family Farm is a biodiverse, small family farm that strives to produce nutritionally dense food, luxury angora fiber and vigorous garden plants in partnership with the land, animals and people that live there. 

At Goodwin Family Farm, the health of the soil we grow our plants in is of the utmost importance.  We pledge to never use herbicides or insecticides.  Our soil inputs include manure from our animals, local straw, wood chips, and compost.  We use hand tools when working in the gardens.

The Goodwin Family Farm chicken flocks, goat herds, and rabbit colonies are fed soy free grain and local hay with all the fresh water they can drink.  All of our animals have access to the outdoors for fresh air and sunshine.  At Goodwin Family Farm we prefer to take a more natural approach to animal husbandry and only use antibiotics when absolutely necessary, under the supervision of our veterinarian.